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Ain’t No Jazz in Kansas City by Bruce Rodgers

Ain’t No Jazz in Kansas City by Bruce Rodgers

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For him, he had the perfect part-time job. As a doorman, Corey Edwards
could drink, hit on women and listen to music, some very good, others
tolerable, all the while getting paid a few bucks with a free taste for whatever
drug going around as a bonus from friendly patrons of the Repartee.

But when economics force club owner Mike Smith to let a drug dealer in as a
partner, paranoia starts to set in. Suspicion falls on Corey affecting his
relationship with Carolyn, his roommate Pinky and drawing the interest of
the cops. Somebody is going to get hurt. Lurking in the background is no-nonsense enforcer Marcus.

Published 2024. Copyright Bruce Rodgers.

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